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3 Advantages of Above-Ground Pools

Here at Outside in Leisure Products, we know it is a dream for many homeowners to add a private swimming pool to their property. We also know that adding an in-ground pool is financially prohibitive for many of those same homeowners. Fortunately, an alternative exists in the form of above-ground pools, which have several advantages beyond their relative affordability. In this article, we’ll go over three of these advantages to help you decide whether above-ground pools are right for you.

  • Greater Safety. One advantage of above-ground pools is that they are inherently safer than their in-ground counterparts. This is mostly due to their higher point of entry–since in-ground pools are level with the ground, it’s possible for people, especially little kids, to inadvertently fall into the water and drown. The entry point of above-ground pools, on the other hand, is typically 52” to 54” inches off the ground, minimizing the risk of these falls.
  • Faster Installation. Another advantage of above-ground pools is that they usually have a faster installation process, meaning that you can enjoy your new pool sooner. While in-ground pool construction can take weeks, it’s possible to set up an above-ground pool and start swimming in a single day depending on the size and construction. If you want to jump in the water as soon as possible, you can call our team at Outside in Leisure Products to get the above-ground pool and speedy installation services you need.
  • Easier Maintenance. The last advantage of above-ground pools that we at Outside in Leisure Products will cover here is that many models are easier to maintain than their in-ground counterparts. If you are looking for a great swimming and recreational experience without having to deal with a lot of maintenance tasks, then an above-ground pool may be for you.