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Don’t Use Hot Tubs Until You Read This!

Hot tubs are great – there is no refuting that. They are perfect for relaxing, de-stressing, recovering from an injury, and a host of other things. However, there are some things you need to know before you get into your new hot tub that will keep you safe. So, before you use hot tubs, continue reading.

  • Understand Alcohol and Drug Danger – Hot tubs are relaxants, and so are alcohol and some medications. Drowsiness, especially if you are in the hot tub by yourself, can have serious consequences. In fact, it is really an even better idea not to get in a hot tub alone, especially if you have a medical condition. Be sure to discuss your medications with your physician to see if soaking in hot water is advisable.
  • Know the TemperatureHot tubs raise your body’s core temperature, so it is important to keep the temperature at a therapeutic level so you do not throw your body into the effects of a dangerously high fever. Most new models of hot tubs have a maximum setting so there should never be any danger, but do use a thermometer to be sure and keep your soak within the recommended period of time – roughly 20 minutes at a time is advisable.
  • Consider the Weather – Staying in hot tubs during a thunderstorm or other extreme weather condition is very unwise. On the other hand, a winter day is a decadent time to enjoy a soak while enjoying the beauty of the day – or even the night.

Hot tubs afford plenty of benefits, even health benefits, but as with most things, there is a right and a wrong way to use them. This is true for your safety, as well as to protect your hot tub. Rinsing off before entering the hot tub and making sure you only use products safe for hot tubs will make your experience a pleasant one and enable you to keep your hot tub in good condition for years of enjoyment.

If you have questions about hot tubs, we welcome you to come to one of our two locations. Our staff here at Outside In Leisure Products can help you select the right hot tub for your family and provide the advice you need to get the most from it.