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Good Decks and Looks for Surrounding Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are a great way to bring some extra life and fun to your backyard or outdoor space. They can also be compact enough to fit into smaller spaces that might not accommodate a full-size in-ground pool.  Whatever your reason for choosing an above-ground instead of an in-ground pool, you can still make your yard look fantastic as well as being a relaxing and fun place for both you and your family.

Although your pool is above ground, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice a beautiful deck surrounding your pool. If you set your pool in the back corner of a yard, try building up a tall deck around half of it and connect the other half to the fence. Try building a wide staircase leading up to the deck, which creates a more luxurious feel, and makes access easy. You can then just step right down into your above ground pool, or relax beside it in a lounge chair with and easy view of the kids playing. This is an especially good option for those with some more open land behind their fences, so you don’t have to worry about neighbors.

Low-lying patios or decks can also be built around your above ground pool. Wooden decks can enhance any outdoor space, and when built around the pool, can help above ground pools feel tied in to the rest of the yard. Both tall and low decks and patios help above ground pools feel like they are more permanent structures, and thus part of the overall design of your yard.  This can also be accomplished by building up a set of wide wooden stairs to get into your pool, or through the landscaping around the pool.

Another classy option is to add small solar-powered lights evenly spaced around the perimeter of the pool, interspersed with small bushes.  This not only makes the pool more inviting in the evening, but again creates a sense of highlighting the pool as a great feature in your yard.

Above ground pools can be functional, fun, and beautiful with the right kind of landscaping and features planted or built up around it.