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It goes without saying that it can make your day more pleasant if you know you’ll be relaxing in a hot tub afterward. What’s even better is that if you have certain health conditions, you may be able to take a medical deduction for purchasing one. Here at Outside In Leisure Products, we suggest talking with your physician and tax preparer if you would like to buy a hot tub for help alleviating any of the following conditions.

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs [Infographic]

  • Arthritis – Spending time in a hot tub can improve flexibility and range of motion by improving blood circulation to relax muscles that can exacerbate arthritis pain.
  • Inflammation – The same benefits that a hot tub brings to arthritis sufferers can also be noticed by those with other types of inflammatory conditions.
  • Stress/Anxiety – Whether your stress and/or anxiety is caused by your job or from a health condition, time in a hot tub can prove helpful for not only reducing the effects of stress or anxiety, but also allowing for improved sleep so you can better cope with the next day’s challenges. This health benefit is a bit more challenging to qualify as a medical deduction, but it may be possible in certain circumstances.
  • Diabetes – Some type-2 diabetes patients have experienced a drop in blood glucose levels with regular hot tub use.
  • High Blood Pressure – There have been some indications that the use of a hot tub can lower blood pressure, provided you don’t go back and forth from a hot tub to a pool.
  • Migraines – If you suffer from chronic migraines or tension headaches, the relaxing nature of spending time in a hot tub can often help.
  • Back Pain – Suffering from back pain, or any kind of pain for that matter, isn’t fun. Getting the muscles to relax when they are stiff from dealing with pain can reduce the resulting added pain and allow other treatments to be more effective. This is also true when inflammation is present due to injury or trauma to your back.
  • Obesity – Studies are showing that hot tub usage can work well in conjunction with other weight loss methods, increasing the weight loss experienced. The stimulating effect on the muscles simulates exercise, making it a good option when more strenuous exercise isn’t feasible.