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At Outside In Leisure Products, we rarely hear anything but positive reasons for swimming pools. Having one at your home can be an absolute joy, especially when you have one installed by us and get all your pool supplies, chemicals, filters, and toys from us! The only thing that you might be concerned about is how much water swimming pools can use. Any body of water is going to lose water through evaporation, and this is the going to be your biggest culprit accounting for roughly 70% of your water loss, but there are things you can do to control it and other water usage concerns.

How You Can Reduce Water Usage in Swimming Pools [infographic]

  • Put a Timer on Water Features- A fountain or other water feature is beautiful and relaxing to watch and listen to, but results in more evaporation. Either put a timer on it so it doesn’t run continuously or turn it on only when you are by the pool.
  • Keep the Water Level Right- Overfilling the pool means you’ll lose more water when people are swimming, and it sloshes over the sides.
  • Inspect for Leaks Regularly- It doesn’t take much of a leak to lose a lot of water, so be sure to keep an eye on the equipment to ensure you aren’t losing water needlessly.
  • Reduce Exposure to Wind- A breeze results in more evaporation. You can combat this with a solid privacy fence and/or landscaping.
  • Keep Water Balanced- Staying on top of water balance avoids a situation in which you might have to drain water from the pool and add more water to counter putting in too much of a particular chemical.
  • Cover the Pool- While putting a cover on the pool might normally only be done when closing the pool, you can also do so during extended periods when you won’t be using it, such as going on vacation.
  • Consider Rainwater Collection- If despite your best efforts, you are going through more water than you want to face on your water bill, consider channeling rainwater to a holding tank you can release into the pool as needed