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keep your spas clean and well-maintained

A spa is a great place to relax and decompress, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be a child-free zone all the time! In fact, many spas can be made to be an enjoyable area for the whole family, not just an adults-only zone. If you have safety concerns about spas and your children, we here at Outside In Leisure Products have a few ways that you can help keep your spa family friendly and safe.

First, keep your spas off-limits and inaccessible for those times when there won’t be adult supervision. While covers are great, there are also many safety measures and even locking mechanisms that can ensure your spas aren’t being used without your knowledge or permission. Gates and fences can be helpful in this area as well.

Second, keep your spas clean and well-maintained. While you should always keep your spas clean, children often have weaker immune systems, cuts and scrapes and other issues that will require carefully cleaned and balanced water. A well-maintained spa can ensure that bacteria or other issues don’t build up and contaminate your water supply.

Third, always keep a careful eye on the water temperature. This is potentially the most important piece of making your spas kid-friendly. Children don’t sweat like adults do, and therefore can’t cool themselves off as effectively. Water temperatures should be lowered to below 100 degrees and time spent within spas should be limited.

Learn more about keeping your spas safe for children and the whole family here at Outside In Leisure Products today.