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Must-Have Pool Equipment to Enhance Your Workout

Ever wish you could work out like an Olympic swimmer in the comfort of your backyard? The good news is you can– with the right pool equipment. Here are our best suggestions for equipment to help you get the most out of your swimming pool workout.

  • Goggles– No, we don’t mean the cheap ones you can buy at the dollar store. A quality pair of swimming goggles offers a good seal around your eyes without feeling like an octopus tentacle is stuck to your eyes.
  • Kickboard– Essential for working your legs and engaging your core, the kickboard is probably the most basic of pool equipment used for working out—and it gets great results!
  • Snorkel- Make a splash during your next swimming pool workout! Training with the cap on your snorkel allows you to increase your breath capacity so you can swim further and longer.
  • Pull Buoy & Paddles– Supercharge your upper body strength by using these two pieces of exercise pool equipment together. Though you can expect to be sore in the end, these two combined increase the strength of your pulls and their resistance.
  • Swim Parachute– Need a change of pace in your routine? Try adding a swim parachute to your ankles and feel the difference a bit of resistance makes.

No matter the type of pool equipment you are in the market for, our team at Outside In Leisure Products can help you get the most out of your swimming workouts. We’ve been bringing the resort lifestyle to your home for over 20 years and will help you open a new world of family fun! Call or visit us today!