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Outdoor Hot Tubs Feel Great, and They Can Be Great for Your Health, Too!

A little-known fact about outdoor hot tubs is that they can sometimes qualify as a medical deduction. Be sure to ask your tax advisor, of course, as there are a fair number of conditions involved, but it is obvious that even the IRS is satisfied that a hot tub can be good for your health when you have certain medical conditions.

Arthritis and other inflammation-related pain can experience improvement in flexibility and range of motion by spending time in a hot tub. The heat aids in blood circulation and helps your muscles relax, which can also be beneficial for other types of pain.

The relaxing attributes of outdoor hot tubs are also shown to help with stress and anxiety. While this may not be a medical deduction use, it is certainly a way to increase life enjoyment and avoid the future illnesses that stress and anxiety can cause. On this same note, a good soak before bedtime can result in a more restful sleep, which can mean less stress the next day, too.

The temperature of a hot tub can act like exercise on the body, which can help a number of ailments, including type-2 diabetes. One study showed that diabetes patients experienced a drop in blood glucose levels with regular hot tub use. It can also lower blood pressure, as long as you don’t go back and forth from a hot tub to a pool.

Another beneficial outcome from using outdoor hot tubs is the decrease of headaches and migraines, including tension headaches. It is definitely worth talking to your physician to see if they would advise the use of outdoor hot tubs for your situation.

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