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Pool Supplies: What You Need for Your Above-Ground Pool

Above-ground pools can not only be fun, but also be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. However, as with most good things, they do require some care and maintenance to keep them looking and performing at their very best.  There are many different pool supplies that can help you keep your above-ground pool clean and functional.

One thing to note about above-ground pools is that they tend to have some areas with little to no water circulation.  This lack of circulation can easily allow for algae or bacteria to build up. Even if you are running your pool filter for the recommended 12-18 hours a day, these areas (and the rest of the pool) still need your attention. This is where pool supplies, like a pool brush, become necessary.  It is wise to brush the inside of your above-ground pool once a week, after skimming.  Brushing allows the dust and particles on the sides and bottom of the pool to be loosened up, so that they can be filtered out correctly.

Besides a pool brush and a good filter, other smart pool supplies to have on hand are things like:

  • Skimmer net on a pole or pool leaf rake
  • Wall skimmer for regular floating debris
  • Automatic pool vacuum, or regular pool vacuum
  • Water testing kit to test chemical levels or pool pH or alkalinity
  • Chlorine tablets for chlorine pools
  • Shock treatment, to oxidize harder to clean out debris build up in the water, such as from sweat, sunscreen, oils, or hair spray

All of these pool supplies are wise to have on hand for your above-ground pool. Whatever your needs, we can help, so give us a call today.