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Hot Tubs

No matter the time of year or type of weather, hot tubs offer a relaxing atmosphere and can be a source of stress relief. However, the maintenance and upkeep can become a burden. Here are a few tips for caring for your hot tub you may not have thought of.

  • Tennis Ball Trick– While you may not be the best tennis player on earth, there is no need to be for this trick. Take some tennis balls and drop them in your hot tub to absorb body oils and products and keep them from wreaking havoc on your filtration system. Change the balls regularly to keep your water looking and feeling healthy and clean.
  • Spares Aren’t Just for Bowling– Keeping a spare filter cartridge on hand can save a party! In case a filter flakes, swap in the spare and keep the good times rolling.
  • What Lies Beneath– Because nobody wants to spend their Saturday draining the hot tub, finding and repairing issues, and then having to refill it, dish soap may be your unknown superhero. A little bit goes a long way in giving you the real picture of what’s going on with your hot tub surface.
  • Put the Cap on Long Hair– Obviously your friends and family aren’t going to cut their hair before hopping in your hot tub; however, keeping longer hair up in a bun or tucked under a baseball cap will prevent hair and hair products from getting in your water and gunking up your filters.

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