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Which Type of Pool Chemicals Can You Use to Sanitize Your Pool?

Outdoor pools are the perfect place to relax and escape the heat. But, how to do you maintain that oasis so that it remains refreshing and clean and not clouded and filled with algae growths?  As we have mentioned in previous posts, good cleaning supplies are needed for the maintenance of all pools.

Some important items you will need for the upkeep of your pool are the pool chemicals used to keep it clean.  “Chemicals” can sound like a scary word to some, but pool chemicals are actually used to help keep you even more safe from harmful bacteria and growths. So, let’s about some of the most common pool chemicals that are used for the sanitary upkeep of most pools.

The pool sanitizer that most people are familiar with is chlorine. Anyone who has been to a public pool or water park is familiar with the scent of chlorine used to kill bacteria and keep the water sanitary.  Chlorine is used both for regular, day-to-day freshness in the water, as well as in higher concentrations to “shock” the pool, or to get rid of accumulated oils, bacteria, sweat, and sunscreen that has come off in the pool.

An alternative to chlorine for daily sanitation is to use bromine.  Bromine is a bit more sensitive to UV rays than chlorine is, and so it will need to be added more frequently to the water of your outdoor pool. However, some people feel it to be a bit “softer” on swimmers.

Biguanide is a long-lasting chlorine and bromine-free alternative. It is safe for swimmers and all pools, but it cannot be mixed with many other common pool chemicals, such as those previously mentioned. It also needs another chemically-based oxidizer to function properly and maintain your pool’s upkeep.

These are just a few of the main sanitation chemical options used in both above and in-ground pools.  Ask us about the pros and cons of each type, and then let us help you feel comfortable with the pool chemicals use you use for the maintenance and upkeep of your pool.