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Why You Might Choose a Hot Tub Over a Pool
Being outside is a great way to relieve stress and to unplug a little bit from everything you have going on. Like most homeowners, you may be looking for ways to upgrade your outdoor space, so that you are able to spend more time out there. If you’re considering different options, here are a few things to consider about why you might want to choose a hot tub instead of a pool. Not that you need to choose between the two, many homeowners choose to have both installed. However, if you have budget, space, or time constraints, it may be best to have one or the other.

You may get a lot of use out of either of these amenities, but here are just a few reasons why hot tubs are sometimes more universal:

  • Hot tubs don’t take up as much space as a pool would.
  • Less maintenance is required to keep it functioning in peak condition.
  • They are less expensive to have installed and to maintain than a pool.
  • Hot tubs can be used year-round, but pools generally are only opened for the summer.
  • Since hot tubs have warm water and other features like massage jets, they could also be more relaxing as opposed to pools that are a more playful space.

Both are great options and have advantages, but installing a hot tub in your backyard certainly has some incredible benefits. You will love the opportunity to be outside and relaxing with friends and family, and you’ll also spend less on the installation, and overall maintenance costs, than you would on a pool.